About Don Shearer

Curiosity is my superpower.

The tendency to “what if?” triggers other powers: a fierce advocacy for my clients, respect for the lived experiences of others, gratefulness in hearing other people’s stories and joy in being able to help to amplify those stories, a bias for action, a default to innovation, an immense respect for simplicity in solutions, and a focus on measurable outcomes. 

What it looks like when I do what I do: 

Design and development of Learner-centered, self-paced and E-learning courses, Instructor Led Training, and blended learning solutions; team management across multiple, simultaneous high-profile training projects; identification of learning objectives and performance metrics; rich media design and development; assessment design and development; Change Management; face-to-face and Virtual Classroom facilitation; data driven training needs analysis; vendor management; innovative design and process development; mentoring; passionate engagement. 

Curiosity might seem intangible and abstract, as a super power, but it sustains, and inevitably leads the way to the next leg of the journey.