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Print & Motion Graphics:

I Wonder Illustrated Storybook

Readers of all ages enjoy this richly illustrated and immersive adventure, accompanying a Monarch butterfly on its life journey of transformation and discovery. 

I Wonder tells a story that is epic and intimate, with detailed illustrations that invite story time closeness and shared exploration for readers of all ages. 

I Wonder celebrates the the opportunity to dream and grow. 

ISBN: ISBN: 978-1-7369999-1-2. 2nd Edition. Pages:14, eight color illustrations. Size: A5. Paper: 100# Gloss Text. Binding: Perfect Bound. Cover Paper: 120# Matte Cover with 1-Sided Gloss Lamination (Previous edition: 978-1-7369999-0-5)

Illustration, prepress, and motion graphics with Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, and GarageBand.

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Graphic Illustration & Game Design

Monarch Migration Board Game

The Challenge: Design a board game that simulates the complex life cycle and migratory habits of the Monarch Butterfly while providing a simple and fun game experience for players of all ages.

The Solution: a richly illustrated and immersive, non-adversarial game with a short playing time and exciting action for younger and casual players, that can be upgraded to a more immersive simulation for STEM students and serious game play.     

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Video Production & Editing:

Beloved Stories  

The Challenge: One of the most significant barriers to building beloved community is the contiued occurance of unconscious bias and micro-aggressions experienced by BIPOC members of the First Unitarian Universalist Society of San Francisco congregation.

The Solution: Using the technique of Envisioning with a core set of interview questions, the Team produced an impactful documentary of congregational life of BIPOC members that has made a positive difference in the lives of the community, and has been featured in the "We Built People of Color Visibility with Video" workshop presented at the UU General Assembly in Spokane, WA, 2019.

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Instructional and Graphic Design:

Anti-Bias Action Guide

Everyone holds unconscious beliefs that trigger biases and inform decision making and action. 

Bias is usually considered to be unfair as it confers arbitrary advantages and disadvantages on individuals and groups based on predjudice. Biases result in harmful micro-aggressions.

The Anti-Bias Action Guide provides direction in the identification and disruption of bias and micro-aggression.


Instructional Design:

Anti-Bias Action Learning Plan

This is a companion document to the Anti-Bias Action Guide.

This Learning Plan provides an agenda, learning objectives, and modularized, detailed lesson plans, with reading and reflection activities for use in self-study, and may be used as a Facilitator Guide in instructor-led sessions

The Anti-Bias Action Learning Plan provides direction in the identification and disruption of bias and micro-aggression, and supports the development of an intentional practice of anti-racism.



TPI Photographer's Guide

"Have you ever said, 'That is a beautiful scene. Where did the photographer go to take such a beautiful picture?'" 

Let's step into the "Wayback Machine" and revisit a desktop publishing project from the late-1900s. 

Built in Illustrator and Photoshop for printing on paper as a saddle-stitched 16-page booklet covered by a 4-fold map, the Tourist's Guide to Photographing San Francisco shows you precisly where to stand to get your own iconic snapshots of Bagdad-By-The-Bay.

I did the scanning, color correction, layout, retouch, and prepress. 

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